Ep. 1 – Honorable Mentions (Top 10 Albums)


CKY – Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild (2002)

Lacuna Coil – Comalies (2002) – This album is not only great from beginning to end, but has an amazing tone. In my opinion, has perfect sounding drums.

Chevelle – This Type Of Thinking… (2004) – Just a great Chevelle album.

Drowning Pool – Sinner (2001) – A rockin’, raw and powerful debut album from the Texas outfit, fueled by the distinct vocals of the late Dave Williams.

Offspring -Smash (1994) – A great album from beginning to end; not over produced.

Starset – Vessels (2017) – A great concept album of recent. From the story it tells from beginning to end, to the artwork and concept art in the booklet, to back each track. An overlooked band and album. Not fully represented by it’s single,”Monster.” “Monster” is still a great track tho, when it’s listened to in it’s track space.

Nonpoint – Recoil (2004) – I love this album from beginning to end because of how raw and aggressive it is from beginning to end. Every song has a message and a purpose, fueled by the aggression of being neglected by a record label, and having to find another (label that Recoil was released on). Great guitar work, lyricism, and hooks. As a fan of covers, this album contains a great cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight,” which gave them moderate mainstream success after being featured on the soundtrack for the 2006 film Miam Vice.

Atreyu – Lead Sails Paper Anchor (2007) – This album has a certain tone to it, that to me, is best described by the single Falling Down (music video). Every song has it’s own personality, and no song is a filler. This album has more grooves than the genre they are associated with. Definitely a standout from their discography.

Against Me! – New Wave (2007) – Tough to pick between this album, White Crosses (more raw and aggressive punk), and Reinventing Axel Rose (like White Crosses). I pick New Wave because of how much groove it has while still maintaining a politically fueled punk sound. Not as raw as the albums named earlier, but still enough. This was also the album that got me into Against Me!, and also has nostalgia for me because I got to meet this line-up of the band at Warped Tour 2007; cool and nice group of guys.

Misfits – Famous Monsters (1999) – There will always be debate on whether the Glenn Danzig era of Misfits is better than the Micheal Graves era, but to me, this album is just a fun horror punk album with plenty of cool references. Walk Among Us is a great raw album, but the amount of polish in production that is present in Famous Monsters is just enough, and doesn’t take away from the Misfits aesthetic.

Silversun Pickups – Swoon (2009) – A great alternative/indie rock album. Vocals, lyrics, and instrumentation have plenty of feeling and emotion. If you’re familiar with the single “Panic Switch”, I definitely recommend checking out the entire album.

HAIM – Days Are Gone (2013) – A great raw debut album from the 3 piece sorority indie band. Catchy tracks with plenty of emotion.


Foster The People – Torches (2011)

Bad Suns – Disappear Here (2016)

Chevelle – This Type Of Thinking… (2004)

Breaking Benjamin – Saturate (2002)


30 Seconds To Mars – A Beautiful Lie (2005)

Cold – 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage (2000)

Ours – Distorted Lullabies (2001)

Deftones – Deftones (2003)

Marilyn Manson – Antichrist Superstar (1996)

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